Edwin Roman


A Mighty Presence

A Mighty Presence. Digital Photography and Photoshop.

Metal Vessels

Metal Vessels. Still Life. Oil on Canvas.

The Lovely Details
The Lovely Details. As seen at the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governor's Island. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Reunion Clock

Reunion Clock. Part of promotional campaign for a high school reunion fundraiser to establish a scholarship.

The Jazzy Blues
The Jazzy Blues. Oil on canvas.
San Diego Sails
San Diego Sails. Digital Photography.
Incomplete Cloth Study
Incomplete Cloth Study. Oil on Canvas.
Commuting Silhouettes
Commuting Silhouettes. Digital Photography.
Interfaith Broadcasting Commission Logo

Interfaith Broadcasting Commission Logo.

Nina: Red Hot and Blue
Nina: Red Hot and Blue. Oil on Canvas.
Library Lion
Library Lion. Watercolor.
Seven's Eyes
Seven's Eyes. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
The Yellow Teapot
The Yellow Teapot. Oil on Canvas.
The Fog
The Fog. Digital Photography.
Sustainable Times Logo
Sustainable Times Logo.
Yearning. Film Photography. Inspired by the song written and sung by Basia.
Watercolor Still Life
Watercolor Still LIfe. Watercolor.
Free HTML5 Bootstrap template
Rainy Day Commute. Digital Photography.
Reunion Facebook Logo
Facebook Reunion Logo. Created for a high school 25th reunion and fundraiser.
Osborne Sample
SUNshine Newsletter. For two years, I volunteered with The Osborne Association as a graphic designer and one of my projects was producing this newsletter.
On My Mind
On My Mind. Film Photography.
Rockland Picnic Tables
Rockland Picnic Tables. Film Photography.
Rigatony Plays Ball
Rigatony Plays Ball. Watercolor. (Rigatony crossed the Rainbow Bridge in September 2016.)
Tension. Film Photography and Photoshop.
Symmy The Square book cover
The cover of the children's book I illustrated, The Adventures of Symmy the Square and the Land of Shapes. Mixed Media.
Flamenco Rosa
Flamenco Rosa. Oil on Canvas.
Guy on Train
Guy on Train. Charcoal and Paper. (People watching and drawing on the "6" train.)
My Logo!
My Logo. I took inspiration from the New Mexican Zia as well as the London Underground logo.
Morning. Oil on Canvas.
Aviva Desnuda
Avia Desnuda. Oil on Canvas.
O Baterista
O Baterista. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
The Green Gown
The Green Gown. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Brooklyn, The Statue
Brooklyn, The Statue. Digital Photography.
Blue Vase Still Life
Blue Vessel Still Life. Oil on Canvas.
Sneaker Dreams
Sneaker Dreams. Digital Photography.
Swing 3
Swing 3. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Unused Character
Unused Character. Ink and Paper.
Fall in Flushing
Fall in Flushing. Digital Photography and Photoshop.

Sépia Fille. Digital Photography and Photoshop. This delightful young woman posed for me on the Coney Island Boardwalk.

Unused Character
Arturos. A favorite restaurant of mine located on Houston and Thompson Streets. Digital Photography.
Kente Color Splash
Kente Color Splash. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Migration is a Human Right. Digital Photography.
Library Goddess
Library Goddess (as seen in front of the New York Public Library.) Film Photography.
Bust Study
Bust Study. Oil on canvas.
Boardwalk Soccer

Boardwalk Fútbol. Digital Photography and Photoshop. People watching on the Coney Island Boardwalk.

The Red Nap
The Red Nap. Oil on Canvas.
One. (This happened by chance and luck!) Digital Photography.
Winter Commute
Winter Commute. Digital Photography.
Elderly Woman on Train

Elderly Woman on the Train. Charcoal and Paper (People watching on the "6" train.)

A Single Flower

A Single Flower. Digital Photography and Photoshop.


Bound. Digital Photography.

A Pair of Pears

A Pair of Pears. Oil Painting on Canvas.

Cloth Study
Cloth Study. Oil on Canvas.
Allison. A character from the comic strip, The DayShift. Ink On Paper.
Harlem One Two Five.
Harlem One Two Five. Digital Photography.
Make a Move
Make a Move. Digital Photography. People watching on the Coney Island Boardwalk.
New Yorkers

New Yorkers. Ink on Paper. Inspired by a ride on an uptown "D" train looking out at waiting passengers at 72nd Street.

Pink Pussycat
The Pink Pussycat. Digital Photography and Photoshop. My cat Seven one summer afternoon.
Drops of Light.
Drops of Light. Digital Photography.
Cup of Tea
Cup of Tea. Framed Watercolor.
Splash of Red

Splash of Red. Digital Photography and Photoshop.

Sinewy Skirt and Sloppy Star
Sinewy Skirt and Sloppy Star. Imagined superheroes drawn during a boring workplace meeting. Pencil on paper.

Windows. Digital Photography.

Village Cinemas East

Village Cinemas East. Digital Photography.


Ess-a-Bagel. Digital Photography.People watching in Midtown on a cold day.

Dancing Lights

Dancing Lights. Digital Photography. A rainy evening on the Metro North.

Bronx Train Yard
Bronx Train Yard. Digital Photography.
Aviva Pencil Study
A pencil study for the above painting, "Aviva Desnuda."
Listening Independently

Listening Independently. Digital Photography. People watching in Times Square.

Two Pages from the 2018 Sketchbook Project
Two Pages from the 2018 Sketchbook Project. My theme is "colorful people." Ink on Paper.
Blue Dreams
Blue Dreams. People watching on the Metro North. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Bikini Boardwalk
Bikini Boardwalk. People watching on the Coney Island Boardwalk. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Devious Smiles

Devious Smiles. People watching at the Coney Island Art Walls. Digital Photography and Photoshop.

DayShift Tee
DayShift Tee. The logo for the DayShift comic strip featured on a tee shirt.
The Pedaler
The Pedaler. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Brooklyn Provence
Brooklyn Provence. As seen at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Two Pages from the 2018 Sketchbook Project

Two Pages from the 2018 Sketchbook Project. My theme was "Colorful People." Ink on Paper.

Brooklyn Eiffel Tower in Sepia

Brooklyn Eiffel Tower in Sepia. Digital Photography.

Wandering New Mexico
Wandering New Mexico. Film Photography. Taken somewhere near Los Alamos.
SuperFlash. As seen at 2017 New York City Comic Con. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
207th Street

207th Street. The Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood. Digital Photography.

Black and White Selfies
Black and White Selfies. Digital Photography.
Sketchbook 2018
Self-Portrait as Fayum. Oil on Canvas.
Winter Noir
Winter Noir. As seen at Bronx Community College. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Rainy Boulevard

Rainy Boulevard. Digital Photography. One of the few times I dared to pull out my camera in the rain.

New Mexico Sky

New Mexico Sky. Film Photography. Taken along Route 550 near Santa Ana Pueblo. One of the last times I worked with film.

Upper West Side Water Tower
Upper West Side Water Tower. Digital Photography.
Sepia Sunset

Sepia Sunset. Digital Photography.

Two Pages from the 2018 Sketchbook Project
Vessel Color Splash (as seen in Central Park). Digital Photography and Photoshop.
DayShift Tee
Pier Noir. Digital Photography.
Picasso Copy

Picasso Copy. Fostering my craft by learning from a master.

Orange Sketch

A page from my 2018 Sketchbook Progject. Ink on Paper.


Speakeasy Sal. As seen at the Jazz Age Lawn Party on Governors Island. Digital Photography and Photoshop.

Conductor. Digital Photography and Photoshop.

Hellgate Sunset
Night. Digital Photography. A detail from the former outdoor clock of the old Penn Station.
Taos Pueblo
Taos Pueblo. As seen in New Mexico. Digital Photography.

The Batwoman on my Shelf
The Batwoman on my Shelf. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
52 Years Later
52 Years Later. Digital Photography. Remnants from the 1964 World's Fair in Flushing, New York.
George Fenced

George Fenced. Digital Photography.

Where am I Going

Where Am I Going? Digital Photography.

Grand Central Breakfast

Grand Central Breakfast. Digital Photography.

Coney Island Art Walls

Coney Island Art Walls. Digital Photography and Photoshop.


Bouquet. Digital Photography and Photoshop.


1903. Digital Photography and Photoshop.

Gated Incline

Gated Incline. Digital Photography.

Aerial Refelction

Aerial Refelection. Digital Photography.

Albero Siamese

Albero Siamese. Digital Photography.

Sketchbook Purple

Sketchbook Purple. Ink on Paper.

Lady Linolum

Lady Linoleume. Print Making via linoleum.


Lounge. Digital Photography.

Yellow Williamsburg

Yellow Williamsburg. Digital Photography and Photoshop.