Edwin Roman


A Mighty Presence

A Mighty Presence. Digital Photography and Photoshop.

Metal Vessels

Metal Vessels. Still Life. Oil on Canvas.

It's Sugar!
It's Sugar! Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Reunion Clock

Reunion Clock. Part of promotional campaign for a high school reunion fundraiser to establish a scholarship.

The Jazzy Blues
The Jazzy Blues. Oil on canvas.
San Diego Sails
San Diego Sails. Digital Photography.
Incomplete Cloth Study
Incomplete Cloth Study. Oil on Canvas.
Commuting Silhouettes
Commuting Silhouettes. Digital Photography.
Interfaith Broadcasting Commission Logo

Interfaith Broadcasting Commission Logo.

Nina: Red Hot and Blue
Nina: Red Hot and Blue. Oil on Canvas.
Library Lion
Library Lion. Watercolor.
Seven's Eyes
Seven's Eyes. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
The Yellow Teapot
The Yellow Teapot. Oil on Canvas.
The Fog
The Fog. Digital Photography.
Sustainable Times Logo
Sustainable Times Logo.
Yearning. Film Photography. Inspired by the song written and sung by Basia.
Watercolor Still Life
Watercolor Still LIfe. Watercolor.
Free HTML5 Bootstrap template
Rainy Day Commute. Digital Photography.
Reunion Facebook Logo
Facebook Reunion Logo. Created for my high school's 25th reunion and fundraiser.
Osborne Sample
SUNshine Newsletter. For two years, I volunteered with The Osborne Association as a graphic designer and one of my projects was producing this newsletter.
On My Mind
On My Mind. Film Photography.
Rockland Picnic Tables
Rockland Picnic Tables. Film Photography.
Rigatony Plays Ball
Rigatony Plays Ball. Watercolor. (My cat, Rigatony, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in September 2016.)
Tension. Film Photography and Photoshop.
Symmy The Square book cover
The cover of the children's book I illustrated, The Adventures of Symmy the Square and the Land of Shapes. Mixed Media.
Flamenco Rosa
Flamenco Rosa. Oil on Canvas.
Free HTML5 Bootstrap template
Guy on Train. Charcoal and Paper. (People watching and drawing on the "6" train.)
My Logo!
My Logo. I took inspiration from the New Mexican Zia as well as the London Underground logo.
Morning. Oil on Canvas.
Aviva Desnuda
Avia Desnuda. Oil on Canvas.
O Baterista
O Baterista. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
The Green Gown
The Green Gown. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Brooklyn, The Statue
Brooklyn, The Statue. Digital Photography.
Bandera. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Yellow Williamsburg
Yellow Williamsburg. Digital Photography and Photoshop.
Unused Character
Unused Character. Digital Illustration.
Arturo's on Houston Street. Digital Photography.

Library Goddess

Library Goddess. Film Photography




Swing 3. As seen on The Wonder Wheel in Coney Island. Digital Photography and Photoshop.